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The Liquid Chef, Inc,

In 2006, Junior Merino created The Liquid Chef, Inc. as a means of harnessing his talents and knowledge as a mixologoist and offer them to the public. The Liquid Chef, Inc. was founded to educate and to showcase the aristry and mixability of ingredients and liquors from all around the world. Merino's goal is to create new, unique experiences and special memories for you.

The Liquid Team

The Liquid Team members are hand-picked and meticulously trained by Junior Merino, The LIquid Chef.  There are over 6,000 Liquid Team members trained worldwide.  The Liquid Team is available for events with exotic cocktials created by Junior Merino.  The team is made up of the most experienced and professional bartenders who understand The Liquid Chef's philosophy and style.

The Liquid Table

Junior Merino's humble beginnings started in the kitchen, which inspired a line of chef creations for the public's culinary applications. Some of the products include his Smoked Chile Ancho/Spices Rub and Guava Chipotle Rum BBQ Sauce, which can be purchased on the online store. In keeping with his philosophy, Merino created a high-end catering company called The Liquid Table, a true fusion of the kitchen and the bar.

The Liquid Lab

The Liquid Lab is a space dedicated to research and development.  Over 3,00 recipes have been created using a global spectrum of flavors and ingredients.  The Liquid lab is filled with over 3,000 individual spirit labels, modern scientific equipment, over 500 spices and herbs, and an extensive library of essences and flavors.  The Liquid Lab is also the origin of all of Junior Merino's concepts: The Molecular Bar, Alchemix, Atomic Cocktails, Junior Merino products, etc.

Junior Merino

Junior Merino has created a brand under his name, that represents him through his products, services, and philosophy.  

Dainzu is an exclusive and innovative gourmet product line designed by Master Mixologist Junior Merino. Dainzu products are used to enhance your cocktail and culinary experience.  Junior Merino has integrated the most exotic and natural combinations.  The syrups are speed rack friendly and perfect for consistent, rapid cocktail creations.  All of our products are 100% natural flavors adn colors.  Dainzu products are culinary, cocktail, and consumer friendly.

Atomic Cocktails
Intensives / Enhanzers

The "Atomic Cocktail" is a line of misters that use natural flavors and alcohol and replicate some of Merino's most famous cocktails such as Coming Up Roses, Dragonfly, and El Angel, the signature cocktail of Mexico so you can refresh your tastebuds on the go. (This product is a novelty item and is intended to be used to freshen your breath.) This is a great gift idea for weedings, corporate events, etc. For a custom flavor, please contact us directly.

Junior Merino created a unique line of bitters he aptly named Intesnives. These intensives were created to "intensify" flavors in cocktails or add a dash of complexity, elegance or a drop of sophistication. The aromatic Enchancers were created to be sprayed either into a glass or over your finished cocktails to enchance aromas and flavors. Try spraying the Enchancer into the air to set an ambiance. The high alcohol content is also great to carmelize your enhancer for your complex aromas.

Molecular Bar

The Molecular Bar by Junior Merino are located on all Solstice class ships.  The Molecular Bar has over 1000% increase of sales.  The one-of-a-kind menu uses proprietary ingredients and it is made up of fresh, organic, natural, hand-crafted, original cocktails.  The Molecular Bar brings in millions of dollars in annual revenue, as throunsads of cocktails are served weekly.

"Taste the art."
"Drink with all your senses."

If interested in licensing any of the trademarks above, please contact us!

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